About the Film

Kilowatt Ours is a timely, solutions-oriented look at one of America’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Award-winning film Kilowatt Ours: A Plan to Re-Energize America is a timely, solutions-oriented look at one of America’s most pressing environmental challenges: energy.

Filmmaker Jeff Barrie offers hope as he turns the camera on himself and asks, “How can I make a difference?” In his journey Barrie explores the source of our electricity and the problems caused by energy production including mountain top removal, childhood asthma and global warming. Along the way he encounters individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities who are leading the way, using energy conservation, efficiency and renewable, green power all while saving money and the environment.

This often amusing and always inspiring story shows, “You can easily make a difference and here’s how!”

Kilowatt Ours Shares Practical Answers

Jeff and his wife Heather share a plan to eliminate their use of coal and nuclear power at home by employing energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Heather is installing an energy saving CFL bulbThrough their learning experience, viewers discover how they can save hundreds of dollars annually on energy bills, and use a portion of the savings to purchase newnewable energy.

Kilowatt Ours invites viewers to help build a net zero nation, by conserving energy to the greatest extent possible at home, then using clean renewable energy to provide the electricity used.

The Dangers of Coal-generated Electricty

the effects of burning coal to generate electricityMountain top removal mining, air pollution, haze in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, methylmercury contamination of newborns, childhood asthma and global warming ALL stem from the same root cause.

The most significant cause of each of these problems is our dependence on coal-generated electricity in America. In other words, the solution begins at our light switches and power strips.

Today, more than 50% of our nation's electricity is generated from coal. In the southeast U.S., where household electricity use is highest, this amounts to more than 12,000 pounds of coal burned per home per year. Buildings in America consume nearly 2/3 of all the energy we use. The typical American home emits twice the annual global warming emissions compared the typical car.

So, if we can make our buildings Net Zero buildings, the benefits to the environment and our quality of life will be profound. A Net Zero building is one that generates all the energy it needs with renewable power (like wind power or solar energy), either on-site or through the electricity grid.

Can You Create An Energy Efficient Home?

men installing a solar energy collector on an energy efficient home

Using technologies available in retail stores today, most homeowners can do this affordably. If done right, a Net-Zero home will save you hundreds of dollars annually.

Kilowatt Ours is creating a network of homeowners and renters dedicated to striving for Net-Zero energy usage in their homes and apartments.

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