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Kilowatt Ours Community Screening

Community screenings are at the heart of our outreach program.  We know that when people watch the film Kilowatt Ours: A Plan to Re-Energize America, they learn about energy issues, become motivated and inspired to take action, and begin saving energy and choosing renewable power.

We invite you to consider hosting a screening to help us educate, motivate and inspire people in your community. Here are some ideas for screenings you might consider:  

  • At public libraries, schools, at colleges or university buildings, or in conjunction with a local theater or museum   

  • At the office, in your church, or for any other groups & organizations you belong to including environmental, social and networking groups, chambers of commerce, and more.

  • For friends and family, for your neighbors or community, or for legislators

  • At environmental conferences and gatherings

The Kilowatt Ours Screenings program offers a public performance license giving you permission to screen the film, and the following support:

  • A checklist to help you plan your screening

  • Promotional Materials & Handouts including the following: Kilowatt Ours Home Screening Party

    • Email Invitation Text

    • Flyers, handbills and posters

    • A Press Release

    • Sign up sheets

    • Donation Request forms

    • Handouts: 10 Steps to Save Energy, and Campus Energy Savings Tips

    • We'll also promote your public event on the Kilowatt Ours website!

  • A curriculum with additional resources and activities you may include in your event.  

  • An online forum where you can share ideas and success stories with others who have hosted screenings.

We are also available as a resource to help your plan your event and answer any questions.  Thank you for considering hosting a Community or Home Screening. To begin the process, please complete the form below. 

Community Screenings

Community Screenings are larger screenings in the community often held at a public venue, for larger groups and organizations, and they are sometimes open to the public. Planning a Community Screening takes some time. To learn more please complete the information below:


Home Screening Parties

Home Screenings are smaller events that you host in your home (using your TV monitor and DVD player or computer) for family, friends and/or neighbors. This is a great way to spread the message without the time commitment of a community screening. To learn more please complete the information below:

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